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10 Underrated Actresses of Bollywood That Have Huge Potential of Giving Stellar Performances

Most of us know about and root for spunky mainstream Bollywood ‘heroines’. But there’s a horde of actresses who play supporting roles, give the film a new lease of credibility and yet they go unnoticed. They are the real artists who, after many years, still find it tough to find a place in viewers’ hearts.

Here are ten underrated actresses that are way ahead of their peers, and perhaps deserve many more opportunities in the mainstream:

1- Sayani Gupta

Sayani Gupta is one of those underrated actors, who deserve more credit and attention than what she is getting right now. Although she’s rising up the Bollywood ranks pretty fast, we want her to make her presence felt in the industry!

2- Kubra Sait

Kubra broke a lot of gender stereotypes with her jaw-dropping portrayal of Kuckoo in Sacred Games. We really expect to see more of Kubra in movies.

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